St Louis Media offers for online purchase of Internet related products/services

St Louis Media has created an online store,, for our comprehensive list of Internet related products and services.  While our product/services list is long it provides everything necessary for a successful online experience.

Our recent addition of SendABuzz is featured on our online store as either a stand-alone or as a managed product.  Either option is available on  Stand-alone it cost $99 per month and as a managed product $250 with both having a setup fee.

Visit today for all of your Internet related products and services or call us at 636-821-5039.

Press Releases by St Louis Media

press release
press release

St Louis Media is a press agency.  We can issue press releases on your behalf which are submitted to an estimated 3,000 newspapers, TV and radio stations, journalist and bloggers for possible publication.

Press release are an excellent marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.  They provided credible exposure, unlike paid advertisement, and it drives traffic to your website while creating valuable inbound links to your website.

Many business owners are under the impression that you have to invited by media to issue a press release.  Not true!  A press release is nothing more than an announcement to the media world.  If they decide to pick it up and publish it then you will have your day in the news.

It is a common practice among many medium and large size companies.  Smaller companies seem to think they may not be of interest, but that certainly isn’t the case. Media companies are looking for content most of the time.  Maybe you will be their next news of interest.

To issue a press release call 636-821-5039 or my mobile is 417-529-1133.  There is a special that ends this week; 3 press releases for $710.00.  Use them at your discretion for up to six months.  More than 50% discount.  Call today!

St Louis Media will soon launch a new nationwide online business directory

St Louis News
St Louis News

St Louis Media will be launching a new nationwide online business directory later this month.  We were fortunate enough to secure the URL

It is a general business directory that all businesses from every industry will be eligible for a listing.  Prices and launch date has not been determined, but it will be concluded and released soon.

St Louis Media encourages the use of online directories for a couple of reasons:

  1. Inbound relevant links will help increase websites rankings during organic searches because the search engine algorithm’s take into consideration how many and the quality of links pointing to your site.  The more links you have help as well as the quality of the links.  In other words, it will help your SEO rankings.
  2. Exposure.  Many people prefer to use directories rather than organic searches for obvious reasons, they are simpler to use.

We will announce the cost and the launch date soon.  If you have any questions please email or or call 636-581-5039.

SendABuzz by St Louis Media – Launch of a new Social Media Management Platform

St Louis News
SendABuzz by St Louis News

St Louis Media is excited and proud to announce that we will be launching a new “social media management platform,” that will allow business owners and/or advertising agencies to manage social accounts, online reputation management, email marketing, mobile text marketing and more from a single, easy to use platform.  We are calling this program “Sendabuzz,” and additional information will be available at will be online before the end of February 2015.

From our single platform the post will feed up to 30 different social accounts, blogs and bookmarking services.  You can plan and schedule your posting in advance for those with a hectic schedule.  This is the ultimate in social media management and will be gladly accepted and used by everybody from small business owners to large advertising agencies. St Louis Media continues to bring new products and services to the technology field.

In addition to our new Sendabuzz platform, we have recently signed agreements with First Data, and Rapid SSL.  All of our products and/or services can be found on this online store or at  If you need help with something and don’t know where to start just call us.

In addition to our products and services we publish St Louis Restaurant ReviewSTLNew.usBrewNewsonTap and manage two online directories, DineOutSTL and STLDirectory.

Our new platform will change your personal life and the manner in which you do business.  We will be distributing this product online (this website), through advertising agencies throughout the US and through independent sales representatives.

Call STL Media for more information about our Sendabuzz program at 636-821-5039 or email or  You can also visit our BLOG for the latest information about products and services offered by St Louis Media in addition to local news.

DineOutSTL Press Released issued December 16, 2014

ST. LOUIS, MO, December 16, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — St Louis Media, L.L.C.,, is proud to announce it’s new website that serves the restaurant industry in the St Louis area.

DineOutSTL is an online restaurant directory that provides name, address and map to all restaurants in the St Louis metro area FREE of charge making the restaurants in the area you are looking for easy to find.

St Louis Media, L.L.C. partners include WebTech Group, and MaxGroup Marketing, MaxGroup Marketing’s founder, Dave Myers and WebTech Group’s founder, Marty Smith, partnered because both companies have experience servicing the local restaurant industry and their talents complement each other.

Additionally, WebTech Group publishes the online publication, St Louis Restaurant Directory located

“To launch the site we purchased a list of approximately 3700 St Louis area restaurant names and addresses to get the directory operational. We are relying on the concept to sell itself,” says Myers.

St Louis Restaurants can choose to enhance their listing by choosing either the Premium Package or Elite Package.

The Premium Package will list the restaurant in, plus additional online directories/search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, tripadvisor, YellowPages and more for $99.95 per month.

The Elite Package will list the restaurant in, plus additional 59 online directories/search engines that includes all the same benefits as the Premium Package for $174.95 per month.

The packages are designed to maximize a restaurants online visibility for maximum in-restaurant and online traffic.

“The two major benefits of listing are having exposure in a relevant St Louis restaurant directory and the link from a website with “relevant” content will help the restaurants website rank higher in local organic search results,” says Smith.

“As the internet world increases to unmanageable levels of information, local directories will likely become more useful and reliable for local searches. We anticipate launching St Louis Business Directory, St Louis Healthcare Directory and St Louis Legal Directory sometime in 2015,” says Myers.

The publishing company, St Louis Media, LLC is a Multi-channel Marketing Solutions Company that specializes in web design, online marketing, blogging, online directories, hosting, domain names and search engine optimization. The two owners of St Louis Media, LLC are WebTech Group and MaxGroup Marketing. They have partnered on this project, DineOutSTL and upcoming projects to leverage each companies skills and talents.

For more information call Marty Smith @ 417-529-1133 or email

St Louis Media – Online Marketing – Press Release

One of our specialties are “press releases.”

What is a press release?

According to Wikipedia, “A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy.”

Press releases are a time-tested strategy that is highly effective in “getting the word out,” drawing positive attention to your business and presenting it in a manner as you want it presented.

Obviously, one of the most valuable tools in business is “visibility.”  Press releases are the most effective and quickest strategies to draw the attention that your business deserves.

There is an old saying that goes “there is no such thing as bad publicity.”  There are those that might disagree with that, however, with press releases you have the ability to put your spin on your business and educate your potential customers.

Press releases can be used to announce a variety of different topics including:

  • New product announcement, product improvement, or change in a product
  • New management
  • Change of address or an additional location
  • A new website
  • Product changes
  • Price changes
  • Announcing new customers (with their permission of course)
  • Announcing new employee’s
  • Announcing employee anniversary dates
  • Change in business hours
  • Announcing a merger or consolidation
  • Announcing expansion plans
  • Announce employee retirement
  • Or just about anything else you can imagine

Not only do we handle the distribution of your press release for you, we can help you write your press release in a manner that will attract the major search engines.  Your press release will be submitted to more than 28,000 journalist, bloggers and newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations.  We get your news distributed to every major news site and search engine on the web, and in front of consumers and journalists.

An added bonus to the exposure that press releases provide are the inbound links to your website.  The more links that point to your site the more relevant the major search engines consider your site to be, which will improve your rankings.

Positive exposure and increase in Google, Bing & Yahoo rankings!  What more could you ask for in this competitive environment.

To issue call my mobile from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 days a week at 417-529-1133.

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